Kobra Paint products are 100% made in Italy. We guarantee total coverage on any kind of surface. Our paint is perfect for painting on canvas, wood, metal, glass, paper, plastic, concrete, brick and more. Kobra Paint is an “all season” paint, our 100% acrylic formula does not suffer in high humidity or cold. The paint adheres to all surfaces with a minimal risk of dripping even in extreme weather conditions. The paint has a matte finish, dries fast and thanks to its special valve the user has total control during spraying even when maximum precision is required.

High Pressure Cans

Kobra High Pressure cans come standard with the Multifunctional Cap, and are extremely versatile when you need to cover large areas very quickly. Kobra High Pressure Cans is our broadest product line featuring 93 awesome colors to pick from.


Low Pressure Cans

Kobra Low Pressure cans come standard with the Medium Soft Cap, and are great for when precision and control are required. Unlike Kobra High Pressure Cans which are a Matte Finish, Kobra Low Pressure Cans are a 100% Matte Finish which makes its color options great for outlines and detail work.


Extra Pressure Cans

Kobra Extra Pressure products are large 600ml cans. The Kobra Big Black can has a 100% acrylic formula that will cover any surface with ease. It is UV and weather resistant with a matte black finish. The Kobra Krome can is another fan favorite that’s also great for use on any surface.